Ancient Agora of Athens

The Agora was the heart of ancient Athens, the focus of political, commercial, administrative and social activity, the religious and cultural centre, and the seat of justice. The site was occupied without interruption in all periods of the city’s history. It was used as a residential and burial area as early as the Late Neolithic

Pallas Theater now caters to non-Greek speakers

International visitors to Athens now have the opportunity to expand their cultural scope, as performances at a landmark theater in the center of the Greek capital now feature English supertitles. The Pallas, housed in a building which dates to the 1930s and was originally a cinema, recently announced the introduction of English supertitles during the

How to live like a Local in Athens

Lonely Planet Local Marissa Tejada is a travel writer, journalist and blogger who has been living in Athens for eight years. What she loves about the city is its contrast of ancient and modern. Greece’s capital is never boring – the constantly evolving contemporary art scene, fantastic Mediterranean cuisine and outdoor bars keep things exciting.

Athens off the beaten track

With more than five million visitors in 2017 alone, Athens is one of the most popular destinations worldwide, and as a result one of the best covered in travel guidebooks and magazines. However, a number of its small treasures that truly convey the flavour of city life and best define the local culture often go

Seven great day trips from Athens

As one of the world’s greatest cities, Athens is crammed with attractions and entertainment that can pleasantly fill weeks of any visitor’s time. However, a number of outstanding destinations are located within easy reach – whether you travel by boat, public transport or with your own wheels. From ancient ruins to island beaches, a day

Spending 36 hours in Athens

There are cities that count their age by years; then there’s Athens, which can tabulate its history by millenniums. From battles and setbacks, this ancient metropolis has rebounded again and again, proving itself to be resilient like no other. Sitting on a parfait of civilizations, the Greek capital could easily coast on its past glories.

48 Hours in Sophisticated Athens

Offering travellers the luxuries of modern Europe alongside the stark beauty of the ancient world, Greece is as undemanding as it is captivating, boasting such celebrated ancient wonders as the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Athens is her prime port destination and one that is certainly not to be missed. In this lively, sophisticated Mediterranean city,

Greek gift: Athens’ new cultural centre

With apartment blocks wedged between busy roads, the Athenian suburb of Kallithea doesn’t really live up to its name, which means “beautiful view”. But thanks to a €596m gift from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, and a visionary design by architect Renzo Piano, the neighbourhood has recently benefitted from an enthralling cultural landmark: the Stavros Niarchos

Athens’ best street foods and stalls

Before we get down to the business of discussing the best Athens street food, a disclaimer: Athens is at a disadvantage when it comes to streetside eats. For one thing, a lot of venues – souvlaki joints, pizza parlours and even offal soup places – are open all night or even 24/7; they are just

Top 9 things to do in Athens… and the best day trips from the city

In Athens, you can time travel through millennia, visiting the romantic ruins of ancient temples on the Acropolis hill or viewing archaic artworks in the 21st-century Acropolis Museum. Even the Athens Food Walk highlights the complexity of Greek history, with Ottoman-inspired culinary delights and fragrant spices from Asia. You can also spend time in the